Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some Good News, Finally

So the energy around pretty much, like, EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD, has been dark and depressing and just plain bad. Astrology types say Mercury is in retrograde, and it will be through the next two weeks. I say: Ugh. Also: Blech.

Approximately a dozen people in or near my social circle are going through breakups, some are just going on bad dates, some can't catch a break at work, some who run websites (who could that be?) had to beg and plead with their host companies to fix a fatal error that trashed their last year's worth of work, and most of us are having general existential crises. Also, it is raining.

All of that said, good things—at least relatively speaking—started to happen yesterday. First, Britney and K-Fed broke up. Second, the election results didn't totally suck. Third, news of Britney's divorce did not overshadow that of the elections.

The world has not completely lost its mind. I'm trying really hard to take solace in that.

For a bunch more election day chatter, visit the blog run by SirensMag's brilliant political editor, Allison Hantschel.


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