Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Coming Out Is the New Black

It's hard—at least among us liberal urban types—to be anything but happy that we're clearly seeing a critical shift in the rules about coming out in Hollywood: Namely, it's totally okay now, whether you play a guy women love to love on TV's No. 1 show, a very straight player on TV's most underrated sitcom, or a tough chick in, well, anything that needs a tough chick. But what's even cooler is that it doesn't even seem like that big a deal anymore (Lance Bass People magazine covers and the aforementioned rather cagey outing of Michelle Rodriguez aside).

In fact, I really wish straight stars' personal exploits could be handled in the same straightforward, unapologetic, whatever kinda way. If you answer every question with, "Yeah, so what if I am?" it takes a lot of wind out of the story. If there's no room for weeks and weeks of speculation, there's nothing to keep covering.

Look, I'm no fool—I cover celebrities for a living and am actually required by my job to read the likes of Us Weekly regularly. I know these things won't go quietly into the night; they're big business right now. But it's up to everyone to stop caring about these things so that they fade away—and stop polluting our entire society's views of what relationships are, aren't, should be, and can be. Meanwhile, we can all take a lesson from T.R. Knight, Neil Patrick Harris, and other stars who do it right—there is something to be said for running your own relationship like a (smart) celebrity.


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