Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Cheese for Every Mood

It melts, it crumbles, it spreads, it squishes … cheese is the perfect food, really. What else can go with meat, vegetables, grains, and fruit, as well as other dairy products? And before you get all worked up about "fat content" and "cholesterol" and all that, ree-lax. Cheese has calcium, which all women need more of as they get older. It also has protein, which a lot of us forget to consume enough of. And by the way, moderate consumption of dairy products (we're not talking about chowing down on a Velveeta loaf here) actually speeds the body's metabolism. And cheese has that comfort-food quality that works wonders on your moods: We challenge anyone not to perk up at the taste of a grilled cheese on a rainy day.

But we've found that it does more than just comfort us when we're feeling gloomy. It can indulge and enhance all your ups and downs (and trust us, we’ve got plenty of those around here). From arousal to anxiety, we’ve matched some our favorite varieties to our many moods ... for more click here


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